One2One Richmond Ave Trainers
Christopher Billings

Christopher is a full-time, professional trainer who has 15 years of training experience.  He specializes in strength training that ensures proper technique and form.  HIs clients vary in age and objectives - from helping teenagers achieve their goals to keeping adults fit so that they feel good and continue to enjoy their children and grandchildren.  He believes that a few hours a week at the gym not only improves your health and mental well being, but the overall quality of your life.  Chris has degrees in Physical Education and Psychology from the University of Iowa.

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John Bruckbauer
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Luke Degelia
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Gary Ehlers

Participating in the fitness industry for 16 years, experience includes weight loss and proper techniques of weight training. Specialties include: Post Surgical Rehabilitation, Weight Loss, including Disabled, Elderly and Children. Worked with cancer patients going through treatment; post cranial and spinal surgery clients. Helped a post Leukemia child regain his gross motor skills after spending five years attached to a main line I.V. Originally educated through the personal trainer program Baylor College of Sports Medicine, through a partnership with P.F.I.T. in Houston, started the journey into fitness in the mid 90’s, and recently left the Fitness Managers position at the Houstonian Club to return to my passion; Personal Training.

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Mobile: 832.651.4122
FaceBook: Texas Training/Gary Ehlers

Kevin Felton
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Mike Fregia
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Patrick Garner
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Patrick Hayden
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William Henderson
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Mary Hobbs
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Senega Iles
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Herschel Johnson
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Brian R. Kline

brian_klineBrian has over 30 years experience as a strength coach and personal trainer.  He has developed a conscientious and thorough approach to fitness.  Each of his clients receives a comprehensive assessment and body composition test, which becomes the baseline for monitoring progress. Computerized custom workout plans, training reports (which are e-mailed after every session) and monthly progress updates help keep clients challenged, engaged and on track to hit individual goals.  Brian has extensive experience assisting people with weight loss, rehabilitation from injuries, strength training, cardiovascular fitness and sports enhancement. He holds multiple world, national  and state records in the sport of Powerlifting.  Brian is a two time national and World Powerlifting Champion.

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William Lara

William is a Certified Personal Trainer with over 5 years experience.  He specializes in weight loss and management and muscle mass gain. He is a former member of the Armed Forces of Colombia.  He served as a body guard for the President of Colombia, was a military policeman, riot control expert and combat veteran, fighting against Colombian Guerrilla Groups.

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Sergei Levtsuk
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Roy Lightner

Roy is a personal trainer specializing in:

  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Stress Relief
  • Sports Enhancement
  • Rehabilitation

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Marco A. Maldonado

Marco is the General Manager of the Richmond location One 2 One Training Center, former Seargeant United States Marine Corps, Desert Storm and Monrovia Liberia Veteran and former Gang Task Force Police Officer.  He is a certified personal trainer (ISSA, PFIT and ACE).  Marine Corps Combat Instructor of Water Survival and Marine Corps Physical Fitness Instructor certified.

Marco has 23 years experience in physical fitness.

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Nurledin Mazlum
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Todd Mc Arthur
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Marcus McDade
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Rick McLemore

Rick is a Certified Personal Trainer and Mixed Martial Arts Instructor with over 20 years experience. He specializes in weight loss and management and muscle mass gain. He is a Mixed Martial Arts expert (Jujitsu, kick boxing, grappling and boxing) with over 30 years experience. Rick is an amateur boxer and professional MMA fighter.

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Leslie McNeely

Leslie is here to help you achieve the healthy lifestyle that everyone desires but so few are willing to spend the time to achieve.  You make a commitment to yourself and she will make a commitment to you in helping you chieve the look, the lifestyle and the attitude you are looking for.  People come to her for many different reasons.  Whether yours is weight loss, body sculpting, strength training or a healthy lifestyle, together you will make it happen.  She has been helping people for over 13 years to achieve their goals.  Nothing thrills her more than seeing you become the person you want to be.  With your commitment and desire, she will motivate you to achieve your personal goals.

  • International Fitness Professionals Association Certification
  • Customized plan for each client
  • Weight Training
  • Aerobic exercise
  • Healthy diet
  • Body fat measurements calculated to best determine optimum weight goal
Patrick Mikhail
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Ernesto Osorio
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Tina Robinson
Tina has been a Personal Trainer since 1997.  She has a BS in Kinesiology from Texas A&M University and was defensive All-Conference for the Lady Aggie Soccer Team.  She specializes in cardiovascular and weight training, nutrition and weight loss counselling.
John Sherman
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Chuck Stephens
Evans Tobler
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Kenneth Williams
Kenneth is a certified personal trainer with 15 years experience.  He competes as a bodybuilder at National Level, is a former police officer and is NESTA certified.  Kenneth specializes in weight loss and management, prepares body builders and fitness models for competition and sports specific training.  He holds single or group sessions and trains people of all ages.
Armando Zapato
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